How To Save Thousands Traveling
...We're doing it & you can, too.
Do you dream of traveling, but think it's too expensive?

When we decided to travel full-time we weren't sure how we would afford it.
Not until we discovered the perfect solution.

But, you don't have to travel full-time.
Maybe you just want to travel for a few weeks or months at a time.
Maybe you just want an affordable way to go on vacation.

Doing this one thing you can:

~See the world~
~Live like a local~
~Experience the culture~
~Save for your dream home~
~Enjoy location independence~
~Check out new places to live~
~Save thousands and thousands of dollars~

We're doing it, and you can, too!

So, how are we doing it?
Did you watch the video above?

If not, watch it now.

How can you save thousands traveling?


Yep, we're traveling full-time and taking care of other's homes and pets
...all while we work on line.

You don't need to sell almost everything you own and travel full-time like us though.
You can have a home base and just travel for extended periods.
Or, you can just find amazing places to vacation...and do it affordably!


How can you get started?
We created a special training just for you!

Get Access to "How to Get Your First House Sit"
Normally $97 - Right now only $17
--that's a lot less than one night in a hotel!

But, have questions.  We did, too.

Will it work if I have kids? - Yes!

Will it work if I have my own pets? - Yes!

Do I have to leave the country? - Not if you don't want to.

Do I get paid? - Not usually. It's a win-win instead.

Do I need a car? - Not necessarily. 

Can we take an RV? - Sometimes, yes!

How long does it take to find your first house sit? - That depends, but...
we confirmed our first 3 sits in the first 3 weeks after beginning!


We use three house sitting sites...and we share them with you in the 
"How To Get Your First House Sit" training.

We tell you our success statistics for each one.
And, we show you what are profiles look like
...because a Powerful Profile is key to getting sits!

We teach you how to stand out over the competition!
That's super important because it can be competitive.

However, one of the first house sits we confirmed 
had dozens of applicants...but we got the sit!

We teach you how to get references even if you've never sat before.

Using the exact techniques we teach to you in this training,
we confirmed 3 house sits in our first 3 weeks
and we confirmed 3 MORE the following week.

Not long after that, we had home owners reaching out to us first!

Right now, we're nearly fully booked through the summer of 2018!!
**We confirmed a year-long sit that will start later this summer.

Click below to get access to "How to Get Your First House Sit"
Normally $97 - Right now only $17
For less than one hotel night stay you could be on your way 
to saving thousands of dollars! - All Rights Reserved - 2017
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